Our CELL News section provides information, updates, and feedback for past, current, and future CELL students. A CELL experience is more than an exciting “study abroad” program. The purpose of any CELL experience is to ignite a life-long commitment to living sustainably and to giving and receiving support for this commitment through community. Students are introduced to concepts of sustainability during their semester abroad program, but more importantly, once they return home, they learn how to employ these concepts in their own lives through living sustainably and through implementing sustainability action plans in various communities.

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Recent Blog Posts

Sustainability Education at Camp

by Bridget Deyeso My action plan is to create a sustainability education program at Camp Hoffman. This program will be planned through experimentation during the summer of 2017 and will officially be implemented the summer of 2018. Campers from 1st through 12th grade... read more

Conservation of Water at Simmons College

by Kathleen Lawson I am concerned with the current water usage at Simmons College, and I do not believe anyone has seriously brought attention to the issue. will be working with students of Simmons College who are concerned about the current water usage of the... read more

Greening my Community

by Julia St.Clair My goal for my Community Action Plan is to create a volunteer-based group of ‘green-oriented’ people to spend time working in the various community gardens, farms, and green spaces in my neighborhood of Bushwick in Brooklyn. The “Bushwick... read more

Zagster Bike Share

by Allie Hickox I proudly introduce the idea of implementing a bike share system. I have researched many different types of existing bike share companies and found that Zagster bike share would be a wonderful partner to be successful in this project. As a company they... read more