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by Michaela Jurewicz
For my Action Plan, I will be planting a small garden. The purpose of this garden is to supply food to the impoverished population in my neighborhood. These people depend on the local food pantry to help feed themselves and their family. This pantry relies on food donations and can only distribute the food if it is there. This garden will provide fresh food to put in the food bags that get distributed. This will ensure that fresh food is making it onto the plates of people who cannot afford to purchase it for themselves. Some vegetables I would like to plant include zucchini, tomatoes, and peppers. The pantry is located in a church with a large, south-facing lawn. I would like to utilize a part of this lawn. It would be ideal if, in the future, the people collecting the food bags could help tend the garden, but until then, it will be cared for by the volunteers. Click here to read Michaela’s full action plan.
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