by Eliana Herman
The University of Michigan will instate a Sustainability Graduation Requirement starting with the class of 2022. My goal is to create a strong and passionate committee to help execute this plan, and if we do not succeed before I graduate in May 2018 they can continue to push for this requirement. By creating a petition, showing student interest, and collaborating with professors like John H. Vandermeer, we will show the Board of Regents and President Schlissel that a Sustainability Requirement (an “Introductory Interdisciplinary Course” like Environ 101 or 201 or a course within a student’s major) is a necessary part of the education for the Leaders and Best of Michigan. This requirement will hopefully awaken more students’ passion for the environment and environmental justice causes, as well as foster in the students a more sustainable and equitable relationship with the environment and people around them. I do not think this will cost any money, and this paired with student interest will move the leaders of our University to follow through on this proposed change in curriculum. Click here to read Eliana’s full action plan.