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Batteries and rechargeable devices run our lives! Here are a couple of tips to store energy efficiently.

Rechargeable batteries or disposable batteries

From a financial perspective, this all depends on how many batteries you need at the same time (more batteries = greater initial cost), and how quickly you go through each battery (more usage = more savings). Check out this very detailed calculation of the financial costs and benefits of each.

Rechargeable devices

How can you extend the battery life of your devices?

  1. Use less power: dim your screen, disable wi-fi and bluetooth when not in use, and close non-essential programs.
  2. Hibernate, not stand by
  3. Watch out for location-based apps: using the GPS on your phone can hog resources and thereby drain the battery.
  4. Use the ringer: the ringer on a phone uses much less juice than the vibrate setting.

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