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by Alec Z Drachenberg Mora
This action plan will focus on participation in municipal government with an emphasis on sustainability initiatives and. Additionally it will come to include participation in Citizens Climate Lobby. In my time here in Iceland I have come to realize that there is a tremendous amount of room for improvement in the United States for sustainability initiatives and progress. One of those fronts is the development of renewable energies and the mitigation of human impact in the form of harmful emissions. It was in studying, witnessing, and discussing these issues through this CELL program that I first began to take serious interest in tangible climate solutions. In one of my projects this semester I looked into Citizens Climate Lobby and I came to firmly believe that this can be one approach to unite Americans on a sustainability issue, which is why I eventually became a member. My action plan would be to get involved with both the Chequamegon and San Diego (South) chapters of the Citizens Climate Lobby (CCL) and to start attending city council meetings in both San Diego, California and Ashland, Wisconsin to determine what is being done in regards to the environment- and seeing what yet has to be done. In effect, my plan would be to stay informed and active with CCL and to be active in municipal government (which handles a myriad of environmental programs) as well. Click here to read Alec’s full action plan.
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