Ten (10) reasons to work for/with CELL:

1. Be fired up about getting out of bed in the morning knowing that the work you are doing is helping create a sustainable world.
2. Empower the next generation of social, economic and environmental leaders.
3. See that the world is round; not just know it.
4. Meet cool people like Bill McKibben, Al Gore, Birgitta Jonsdottir, and others who are passionate leaders and change makers.
5. Know that you are not working alone and that you are part of a global movement committed to living more sustainably.
6. Live and work in a place like this:

7. Opportunity to learn more about sustainability and how one life can make a BIG difference.
8. Opportunity of opportunity – be creative and have a BIG impact on a small nonprofit.
9. Challenge yourself personally and professionally.
10. Be a part of, and help build, a positive team environment.