Financial Aid

CELL has developed its programs to be as affordable as possible to all students. Students may find that the costs of participating in a CELL semester program are less than the semester costs of attending a college or university back home.

Your Rights

According to the Higher Education Act of 1992, college students can receive financial aid for study abroad if they are enrolled in a program that is approved by their home institution. Furthermore, students are eligible to receive government funding even though the study-abroad program may not be “required” as part of the student’s degree. Federal law also states that financial aid can cover all “reasonable” costs associated with a study abroad program, including tuition and fees for the program, transportation costs, living expenses, passport and visa fees, and health insurance.

Looking for Financial Aid

Your College Campus

The first place to check is your home college/university study abroad office  and/or  college financial aid office. Your federal/state loans and  scholarships  will often apply to your study abroad program with  CELL. Your study  abroad and financial aid offices, as well as your  academic adviser, may  also be aware of additional loans and  grant opportunities that may be  available to you, including your  own school’s institutional aid.

Your Family

You should also consider your personal resources, extended family, and businesses where family members work and organizations that your family members belong to as they may have educational loan or scholarship programs.


Below are additional sources of aid to fund your study abroad program.


There are also alternative student loans through private or quasi government agencies. These loans areusually less favorable (they usually require repayment to begin immediately rather than after you graduate) but they are dependable sources of funding for studying abroad.

Again, to learn more about your eligibility for financial aid, we recommend that you first talk directly with your college’s financial aid office regarding what financial aid it allows for study abroad programs.