Your College Credit

The specific courses and number of credits depend on the program you participate in. For Spring and Fall semester programs, you will receive 15 credits. For Maymester programs, you will receive 3 credits. To see the specific courses for each program, visit that program page.

About The Courses

Most coursework is offered at a third-year (junior) level, but is open to all college students. Each course syllabus is evaluated by Lesley University or Northland College faculty with expertise in the area of study, and reviewed and approved by their Provosts. CELL works closely with Lesley and Northland to create college-level courses that will challenge you to think imaginatively, while focusing on proactive solutions to local and global problems. CELL’s Study Abroad Programs are all interdisciplinary to provide you with the optimum amount of flexibility when transferring credits. We believe the issues of sustainability are not only applicable to all disciplines of learning, but will also require an interdisciplinary approach to solve. So regardless of your major or background, we invite you to come share your unique perspective while giving to and learning from others. Academic work for all courses consists of readings, lectures, discussions, guest speakers, field experiences, community meetings, journals, and service projects. These activities will allow you to critically analyze what you are learning in your experiential and service-learning experiences.

Applying For Credit

Congratulations! Once, you’ve completed your CELL Study Abroad experience, your credits will be waiting for you through either Lesley University or Northland College. The specific courses and number of credits depend on the program you participated in. For Northland Students: CELL’s unique partnership with Northland College allows Northland students to receive credit directly from their school For Non-Northland Students: CELL participants will receive credits from Lesley University. Remember, you are responsible for making sure CELL’s credits will transfer to your college or university before your CELL program.