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by Bradley Sachs
For my action plan, I hope to incorporate a “mindful eating day” as a monthly tradition at the Skidmore College dining hall. Currently, the Skidmore dining services strives to offer food from sources that are as local as possible. While this is an important achievement, the dining service is not yet committed to showing the impact that eating foods at a lower trophic level can have on the environment. This plan to initiate “mindful eating days” hopes to reduce the total environmental impact of the Skidmore College academic community by encouraging education, public relations, and actual consumption of food produced with a minimal impact on our environment. This project will take Skidmore College’s pre-existing commitment to sustainability by serving locally sourced food and improve it by encouraging community member to make sustainable food choices in their own lives. This project is also hopes to use educational and promotional outreach to teach the community about the environmental and health benefits associated with eating at a lower trophic level. Hopefully, this will encourage people will take what they learn and incorporate these positive changes into their daily food choices. Click here to read Bradley’s full action plan.
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