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Want to be more sustainable in your home, but feel as though you do not have the money, time, or resources to do so? Making sustainable decisions does not require a lot of added stress: often times it just means breaking the habit of the old way of doing things. Check out these things you can start doing easily right now that save you money and help the environment!

1. Rock The Veggies

2. Shop Locally

3. Buy Organic

4. Aim Lower

5. Wrap Creatively

6. Rethink the Bottle

7. Second-Hand Isn’t Always Second Best

8. Invest In Your Own Mug

9. Matches > Lighters

10. Plastic Bags Suck

11. Change Your Bulbs

12. Turn Off The Lights

13. Check Your Temp

14. Play With Fire

15. Stop The Machine

16. Recharge

17. Hang Dry

18. Avoid The Heat

19. Don’t Rinse

20. Don’t Pre-Heat

21. Diaper With a Conscience

22. Ban Bath Time

23. Brush Without Running

24. Shorter Showers

25. Pause The Shower

26. Check The Q-Tips

27. Sprinklers In The AM

28. Kill Weeds With Balsamic

29. Skip The Rake

30. Plant A Tree (Duh)

31. Break The Ice

32. E-Bills

33. Stop The Statements

34. Reject Phonebooks

35. Cut Down On Junk Mail

36. Log Off And Turn Off

37. Use Both Sides

38. Telecommute

39. Download Your Software

40. Take The Bus

41. Call Shotgun

42. Take Two Wheels

43. Use Your Cruise Control

44. Regular Check Ups

45. Go To A Car Wash

46. Fly With An E-Ticket

47. Use One Less Napkin

48. Cluster Errands

49. Picnic With A Sharpie

50. Skip The Stirrer

Bonus! 51. Share

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