by Kathleen Lawson
I am concerned with the current water usage at Simmons College, and I do not believe anyone has seriously brought attention to the issue. will be working with students of Simmons College who are concerned about the current water usage of the irrigation system on the Residence Campus. We will work with Building and Grounds Office who have access to the irrigation system and will ultimately decide what we can to do reduce water output to measure the current output, and come up with a compromise. We will also work with the Office of Student Life and Activities who will direct us in starting an official garden community. I hope to see water reduction and a garden community established by the middle of the spring semester in 2018. The only potential cost would be that of a water/moisture sensor which costs upwards of $200, but it’s not the only solution and is not a requirement to complete the project. We can use recycled products to make our materials. The only major potential challenges are the offices not complying with our requests. Click here to read Kathleen’s full action plan.