Our CELL News section provides information, updates, and feedback for past, current, and future CELL students. A CELL experience is more than an exciting “study abroad” program. The purpose of any CELL experience is to ignite a life-long commitment to living sustainably and to giving and receiving support for this commitment through community. Students are introduced to concepts of sustainability during their semester abroad program, but more importantly, once they return home, they learn how to employ these concepts in their own lives through living sustainably and through implementing sustainability action plans in various communities.

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Recent Blog Posts

Inspiration derived from Heartbreak

    After viewing the Discovery Channel Documentary, Racing Extinction, I feel motivated to get out in society and make change. The filmed targeted the current mass extinction event that is happening, the Anthropocene. It focused on telling stories of environmental...

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Happy Cows

Happy Cows After working on a sustainable and organic farm in Minnesota last summer, sustainable and efficient practices has been something very keen to me. When visiting Akureyi, the CELL group had the opportunity to visit Kaffi Ku, the “Happy Cow” cafe. The cafe was...

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