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What Is CELL?

The Center for Ecological Living and Learning (CELL) is a nonprofit educational organization inspiring students to become sustainability leaders and activists. Through participation in a CELL program, students learn that the problems we face are big, but that the solutions are BIGGER! You will learn how your life can be a catalyst for change. You will learn how to work together in community to solve the problems we are facing and how to become an effective environmental steward. You will experience a transformation in how you view yourself, your relationship to community, and your role as a change agent.

Come be part of a community striving to help society achieve a tipping point toward a sustainable lifestyle that builds bridges of understanding and cooperative action between business, environmental, and social interests.

Sustainability Through Community

Why it matters: Planet Earth is in trouble: global warming, population growth, deforestation, loss of biodiversity, depleting fresh water reserves, loss of top soil. Our planet, and our civilization, is at a tipping point, demanding immediate attention, vigorous stewardship, and a new environmentalism where all sectors of society work together to achieve a sustainable future: a future where economic, social, and environmental concerns become one and the same.

Each of us needs to do our part to preserve this planet so that all forms of life can not only survive, but also thrive. We believe that one life, your life, can make a difference! Join CELL, and embark on your journey towards a sustainable planet.

CELL Programs

CELL’s innovative programs provide students with hands-on experiences in the field of sustainability. Currently, CELL offers the following programs:

Study Abroad Program
CELL Ambassador Program